How to turn off led notification / charging light?

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I can’t find the settings to turn off the pulsing led light on the front, for notifications and when charging. Is this possible and can you tell me how?

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For the charging LED,I would advise to look in one of the topics already answering this question, like, Show notification LED instead of charging LED, Turn off the charging led? or Disable charging LED.

I don’t know about the notification LED, I never wanted to turn it off :slight_smile:

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I use Light Manager as I didn’t find informations on the LED, even in the Settings.
I don’t like to use other apps than the basic stuff FP needs to provide, but LM is easy to use.
When there will be a FP manual for LED and more informations, I will be back to FP LED Management

Android has no LED management integrated on Settings, thus FP OS neither has them. Only custom ROMs like CyanogenMod or OmniROM have them.

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