How to sync calendar with Outlook App?

Again, thanks for helping an absolute beginner…

So, I’ve installed the Outlook app and can read my mail there. I have its contacts synced so they merge into the other contacts on my phone. However, I cannot seem to get its calendar to be synced with the calendar of the phone.

Any help greatly appreciated!

I sync my calender from outlook on my desktop to my gmail account (and also on my phone) with this program

Thanks, Herman, but that won’t work for me. I have decided to leave google…

Anyone else any suggestions who to sync my Outlook (app) calendar with the calender on the phone?

As the Outlook app has a calendar built-in, perhaps they want you to use that instead of Google’s calendar?

Good point and thanks for thinking along! However, I have the Outlook app (for work mail) and I have a Fastmail app (for privat mail). I want one place for contacts and calendars. For contacts I got Outlook and Fastmail to sync with the phone’s contacts. I thought I’d try the same thing with the calendars. It worked with Fastmail, but not for Outlook. That’s why I’d still like it to work.