How to store App AND music on external SD card with Android 6?

In the former Android, I could store large amount of music (around 50 GB) on my external SD card (using Syntcunes Pro for transfer) and also move the few biggest App (games mainly) there.

Now, with the new Android 6, I have to choose between:

  • Formatting the SD card as “portable storage”, in which case I can not transfer app (the option is not available) but Synctunes Pro allow me to store music on the SD card
  • Formatting the SD card as “internal” (storage to be use only on this device) in which case I can transfer my app but Synctunes Pro does not allow me to transfer my music on the external SD card anymore.

Does anyone have a solution allowing me to do both ? Or eventually another music-transfer app, which allow me to transfer my music into the SD card under the internal formatting and also allow an easy update of the latest music through the wifi ?

Alternately, if someone know how to store the music from Deezer on the external SD card, under the “portable storage” set up, that would also solve my problem (as I have around 10 GB of deezer music stored for now on the FP card).

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


When adopting the SD card as internal storage, you should also migrate your data to it. This is an optional step, but doing so moves /storage/emulated/0 to the SD card. This should make it accessible to your sync app.

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It worked ! Thanks a lot !

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