How to stop the headphone port from breaking?

Does anyone have any tips on how to stop the headphone port from breaking? After my fourth one in two years stopped working, I ordered a new top module, waited patiently for it to arrive…and the left channel stopped working in less than a week.

My FP2 is out of warranty now, so I’ll have to pay for any top modules I order from now on. I’m wondering if it’s worth bothering - but then, I use my phone to listen to music and podcasts every day…

Are there any things I can try myself that might fix the problem (eg cleaning the dust out of the headphone port) or should I just resign myself to constantly having to pay for new top modules?


Sorry to hear about your problem.

I suggest you to use the top search function with headphone. You will (unfortunately) find several topics about other users having troubles with their headphones. The solution can be quite individual.


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