How to set up for MMS?

Can any of you guide me how to set up for MMS’?
I’ve looked trough the different topics, and got to the APN’s, but it won’t change from ‘internet’ to MMS. Do any of you know how to?

Kind regards,
From Denmark

When you are in the APN-settings, press the menu-button and choose “New APN”. Then give it a nice name and fill in the information provided by your operator.

Many operaters though offer you the possibility to have the APN settings sent to your phone. You could look around on your operator’s web page and see if you can find this option.

Alternatively, there are some other FPers from Denmark on the forum, so if you tell us you operator, maybe they can tell you the right APN-settings for MMS.

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Thank you. My operator doesn’t know fairphone, but suggested that I used the APN settings for Galaxy s2. They believe it should be quite similar? It haven’t worked- but I guess there is some difference. In the introduction it said I should chose my operator (callme)s network- but on the phone it’s not an option. There is only telia?

If there is anybody from Denmark who can guide me, I would be really thankful.


I doubt that APN settings differ from device to device, but if so, you should rather try out settings for a phone with Android 4.2(.2). I think the Samsung Galaxy S2 is an earlier model… Maybe APN settings for Nexus 4/5 resemble the FP.

Hi Helene.

Which operator do you have? And have you found a way to make it work? I have the same problem and my operator (3) has not been able to help me.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Best, Karen Marie

Try writing to Support. Maybe they can come up with a solution. If they can help, please post back here.

I tried the APN settings for the Nexus and after some modifications it suddenly worked. However, do not really know, what I did.

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Hej Karenmarie.

Nej, jeg har desværre ikke fundet nogen løsning endnu. Jeg har call me, som
kører på telias netværk. Alt andet fungerer som det skal… Jeg har skrevet
til call me, der ikke har kunne hjælpe. Også til fairphone- men de forstod
vist ikke helt mit spørgsmål, så har forsøgt igen… Jeg skal nok give
besked hvis jeg finder ud af noget.

Hej Helene

Jeg har fået det til at virke. Jeg tog udgangspunkt i indstillingerne for en Nexus (det er vel Samsung?). Det var umiddelbart det samme som jeg tidligere havde indtastet, så jeg må have lavet et tastefejl et sted.

Held of lykke med det.

Mvh Karen Marie

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