How to root the Fairphone 3?

You take the flashable magisk zip from here: https://github.com/topjohnwu/Magisk/releases
That’ll patch the boot.img for you.
Also, you’ll need magisk manager as app, but this will survive updates (and update itself)


Hello @lklaus

It’s not what I reading in the magisk_manager doc. I need to find a boot.img and patch it with magisk-manager.

Now LinegageOS support officially FP3, where can we find the corresponding boot.img.

Believe me, the flashable zip will flash your boot.img for you. I’m doing or this way for years now

Edit: see here: https://topjohnwu.github.io/Magisk/install.html and scroll down to " Custom Recovery"


It worked. But my wlan was not visible for my phone after rooting it. Also the date and time was set to Monday the 11.01.21 10:00AM and not to the actual time. I reflashed LOS and gapps and I won’t touch a fucking thing here again. If you want to figure out how that could happen. Then give me a FP3+ as a present and I will try to help you. But I wont do anything with my everyday phone again. No way!

Look pretty simple. I will try this.



It’s really simple. The most difficult it to find the Magisk_xxx_.zip file.

You my make my day.

Thanks you very much, and take care :wink:


rien de plus simple , deverouiller le bootloader et installer le twrp , puis magisk via le twrp en zip une fois rooter installer adaway 5.2.1 pour bloquer toutes les pubs

Can’t tell for FP3 but I don’t need to on the FP2 and never needed to.
On an encrypted FP2 it seems though that you need to, and as the FP3 is encrypted by default I think(?)

An alternative way for flashing magisk is installing the magisk manager apk and then from here install the magisk framework, it should flash it for you I believe.

Well, yes and no… The difference between these two phones is that the 3 is an A/B device, and the 2 is “classical”

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Thanks a lot for this guide!

I’m struggling with this line. How should I enter the path? Magisk tells me it’s stored in
So I enter
fastboot boot /storage/emulated/0/Download/magisk_patched_M54Tq.img
but I only get the response
No such file or directory

What am I doing wrong? :slight_smile:

I can’t help … but saying it is good to see you here again. :slight_smile:


It’s good to be back again too :slight_smile:
Probably not a s active as before, but here to stay!


You’re expected to download TWRP to your computer (not on the FP3 itself) and the path is the path on your computer where you downloaded it to.


That looks like a path on the phone, but fastboot boot ... needs to be executed from a computer with the phone connected via USB in fastboot mode.

Also, magisk_patched_M54Tq.img doesn’t look like it’s a TWRP image but you quoted a command to be used with TWRP.

Not being too familiar with rooting on the FP3, but I assume you first need to boot TWRP with fastboot and once TWRP is running on the phone you can install the Magisk ZIP.
But then, I don’t know what a Magisk IMG is for and how to deal with it.


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To answer my own questions, I put together all steps in a word document. Then I wondered “Why not share this?” and created a new wiki: How to root a Fairphone 3?
Feel free to add/change/react!


I just got an FP3+ and thinking I might want to root before I move all my stuff from my FP2, to make sure everything works as intended.

I don’t have a very specific need for root, but I expect that there’s useful functionality that I might need later on, and it will be too much of a hassle to root later, since I will have to backup and restore my data. One such example is enabling F-Droid to update apps automatically unsupervised, like the Play Store does. And so on.

I’m trying to figure out how to do it and I have some questions.

  1. People in this thread recommend booting into TWRP and flashing the Magisk .zip. However, in Magisk’s installation instructions, the “Custom Recovery” option is not recommended, it says it’s deprecated. So my question is, what’s the difference between the method recommended by Magisk (patching the boot image) and the custom recovery method? Why do people recommend a different one than Magisk?
  2. Even though it’s been talked about in the thread, I’m still not entirely clear: will I be able to update LineageOS OTA if I root my phone? Is there anything I can do to ensure that?


Clicking on “Install” in Magisk Manager only gives me the option to patch an image file: *.img

The only one of those I have is the twrp one and I don’t have any option to download a zip file.

I think I did it by downloading the Magisk.apk to your SD card and just renaming it to Magisk.zip. I can’t remember 100% sure, so I hope someone can confirm this before you try :slight_smile:


I can confirm this should be the simplest way indeed. Once it is renamed to Magisk.zip, you can flash it in TWRP.