How to root a FP3+ under LOS19

Hi, is there somewhere a guide explaining how to root a FP3+ under LOS19?

This guide gives explainations, but when it is to Download the official ROM, the link to the download page lands here where it is written, as Preliminary steps:

Download onto your computer (pay attention to Android version):

- Fairphone OS (Android 11) -

File name:
md5sum: 945896193a4e48e767e6d734dc861ccb
sha256sum: 7d9643a6b1fdedcc52b30f59634e75a3d5eb4389d297f530e318d0d87006f891

And LOS19 is Android 12.

I’ve been using this file and it put some mess on my FP3+ (see here).

I think the steps are the same as for the FP4 and you cannot use the stock boot img and you need to use the LOS boot.img

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Ok, this assumes LOS19

Get the magisk app (e.g. F-Droid) and install it.
Get twrp on your computer, and download your LOS image
get a payload dumper (e.g. the go version called payload-dumper-go) to get the boot.img:
e.g.: payload-dumper-go -p boot
Put the boot.img on your phone:
adb push boot.img /storage/emulated/0/
On your phone, start the magisk app, in the first option, Magisk, choose install, chose the first option (install to a selected file) and select the previously uploaded boot.img
After magisk says ok, you’ll find the patched image in Download/magiskXXXX
Put this on your computer: adb pull /storage/emulated/0/Download/magis…

boot the phone to bootloader
Get a current version of twrp for the FP3
Boot twrp (temporarily): fastboot boot twrp*img (whatever twrp image you have now)
if twrp is loaded (keep system r/o!)
adb put magiskXXXX /cache/
adb shell
in the shell do
getprop|grep slot and check the active slot
then do a
dd if=/cache/magisXXXX of=/dev/block/by_name/boot_{your active slot}
Then reboot system

This should be it. Anybody else, who did this, please cross check whether I missed something

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Hey, sounds great @lklaus and @yvmuell!
I’ll give it some attention as soon as I have enough time to, don’t want to mess with the phone once more… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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