How to reverse installing GoogleApps?

I JUST got my Fairphone in the mail and set it up. Out of excitement I didnt realize I just agreed to installing GoogleApps! :frowning: How do I reverse that? (Setting the phone back to factory settings and deleting everything doesnt delete anything google-related … )
Please help - I’d really like a clean Fairphone!

Go into ‘System Settings / Device Apps’ and then use the disable function for anything you no longer want to have running. The disable function is available for G Play.
Take a look at F-Droid for apps.

Thank you for the quick answer. I would like to delete it, not just deactivate though!?

Then you must perform a “hard reset”.
It’s possible but not easy.
Look at How to perform a “hard reset” on my Fairphone

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The Fairphone is based on Android. As far as I know some basic Google apps are present on the phone when you receive the Fairphone even before you install Googleapps.

Yes, but I am not talking about the pre-installed stuff, but all the things it added when I hit that button :frowning:

Unfortunately the hard reset didnt work, so I’d be very thankful for other solutions/ideas.

@cakepanda - Not sure why a hard reset didn’t work as it should wipe everything… but

what you could try and do is reinstall the recovery file by flashing it to your phone and running it in recovery mode HOWEVER, you will need the right recovery file and it hasn’t been posted up on the FP website yet.

The best way to proceed may be to raise a support ticket by going here: But I’ll also ask Joe (Community Manager) whether it is possible to get the right recovery file for the FP1U uploaded so that you can do this.


The latest update v1.6 has been released today and you should be able to download/install it. As part of the installation process is removes all the gapps (you have to reinstall them after the update if you want them).

I suggest you try it. You can launch the update from the Fairphone OS Updater app.

You can also flash the recovery file as I was suggesting in the previous post, details are here: you just need to make sure you use the FP1U file.

Hopefully this will fix it for you now - let us know though!

I have now closed this topic as updating or reflashing with the original recovery should resolve. PM me if this hasn’t worked and I will reopen the topic