How to restore applications and their configuration (LOS 17.1 to 18.1 migration)

I would like to recover my apps and especially their configuration before migrating from LOS 17.1 to 18.1 (e.g. Firefox without Firefox account, Notebook notes, apps that no longer exist - VAC & eAIP, etc.).

Is there a way to do this?

Have you configured Seedvault? That should be the easiest way to get it back later.

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I’ve never tried this stuff before. I just tried it. Apparently, not everything is backed up, there are quite a few applications for which it says: “The application did not allow backup”.
Anyway, thanks for the info.

I tested it and transferred my App(data) from a LOS17.1 FP to another LOS 18.1 FP2. Not all Apps were restored and no App Data like passwords, Signal, WA conversations. Is this normal or did I do anything wrong?

I didn’t understand how the thing works.
On a FP2 under LOS17.1, I activated Seedvault, took a screenshot of the 12 words of the recovery code and finished the operation by creating the backup.

On another FP2 running LOS18.1, newly installed without any personal data or new applications, I copied the backup of the 1st FP2 (the .SeedVaultAndroidBackup folder).
I activated Seedvault and wrote down the 12 words recovery code.

After that, I don’t know how to restore the initial backup of the 1st FP2 on the 2nd. I tried with the 2 different codes…
How should I proceed?

I think you can only use the back up when you initially set up the FP, e.g. after a factory reset. At least its the only way I found to restore a backup.


As a result, I don’t know how to do it because the backup folder initially copied is erased during the reset. And as I don’t have a Nextcloud account…

What about your SD card? The SD card shouldn’t be erased during a factory reset.

I don’t have any sdcard; this is indeed a possibility.
I will open a nextcloud account and give it a try.
Thanks for the leads.

Hello! Never tried SeedVault yet

For restoring app+data I personally use TitaniumBackup, it works on almost all app :slight_smile:
Few exceptions like Davx5 and Signal that aren’t restored correctly.

EDIT: Titanium Backup requires root, thanks @yvmuell for precision :wink:

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@oli.sax this requires root?


I got a µsd card and backed up the system via Seedvault. Then I installed LOS18.1 and restored the backup still via Seedvault. Indeed, it can only be done at the time of the 1st boot but it works pretty well. I recovered my apps, my sms and my phone history. Firefox was restored but not the personal data.
And to use Seedvault, you don’t need to be root.


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