How to reporting new software issues (to the software development team)

I know there’s a list of bugs maintained here on the forum, but:

  • the support forum is a community channel and there’s always the disclaimer that Fairphone employees don’t (necessarily) provide help here
  • the list on the forum is maintained manually which makes it hard to get on the overview list

Consequently it’s unclear (at least to me) whether a forum post of a new bug will reach the software development team. Also there’s no mention on the website on how to report software issues. I guess we don’t want people spamming support via Zendesk, as it may lead to double reporting.

What about:

  • implementing some sort of public issue reporting (similar but maybe easier to github), where the community can filter duplicates etc and staff can provide official responses & updates (or makes some changes to policy and the forum to allow to fulfil this function).
  • some info on the pages Software bug and Fairphone 2 software issue report on the website explaining how to report new issues.

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