How to recover deleted photos on Fairphone?

It was a huge mistake to give my phone to my little child this morning. He deleted at least 10 photos on my phone without any notice. Is still possible to get back my deleted photos on the phone? The photos are very important for me. Anyone know how to restore the photos?

The German computer magazine c’t mentions two apps to restore photos: “Undelete for Root Users” and “DiskDigger undelete”.

Where they on an SDCARD, or internal memory ?


Set the device into the USB mass storage mode if you need to work on the internal memory.

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Tried DIskDigger, it didn’t scan the deleted photos.

internal memory


until you try some recoverysoftware try to use your phone as less as possible.
Every process which writes to storage lowers the chances to recover data!

Some time ago I helped a friend to recover data from an accidently resetted phone. I forgot the name of the program, but I will find out and post it here.

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Did you check if the pictures were uploaded to your Google account before they were deleted?

I don’t know much FP1, but i suppose its rooted. Then, firstly DO NOT use the phone or you risk deleting the photos permanently. Go in recovery, plug your pc with adb and make a full copy of your data partition over your sdcard with “dd” command. Once this is done, you can resume using the phone. Then run a forensic tool on the image you extracted, id suggest foremost for example.

I didn’t use Google service for backup because it’s not stable in here

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