How to recover data from fp3 which is not booting (/e/ OS)

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this question probably has something to do with my last question. There the answer (for a bad update) was to change the booting slot. Now I tried installing the newest update and when the phone restarted its not booting on either slot.

I guess the only way to fix that is to unlock the bootloader and install the OS over adb, accompanied by a factory data reset.

My question is whether is is possible to access the data segment before that so I can retrieve data that is very valuable to me.

Or maybe there even is a chance to boot it properly?

Thanks for reading and in advance for any answer.

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If you get no better advise, you might start TWRP recovery in fastboot mode. It should ask for your PIN and decrypt the data partition.

That’s not possible with a locked bootloader.

I have no real idea at the moment how that could happen.
With a locked bootloader only OTA updates work, as you would have to unlock to update manually.
An OTA update does nothing to the working slot, so why wouldn’t the formerly working slot boot now?

How does a booting attempt on the formerly working slot end up? What does the phone show?
That you can change the slots means Fastboot Mode still works?
When the boot attempt fails, enter Fastboot Mode … does fastboot getvar current-slot report the current slot properly?

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