(How to recognize) the new FP2 Display Module

We heard about them a while ago, some days ago they were mentioned by a blog post, and since no one here really knew how to recognize them, here you are:

(left: old, right: new display)

Differences I am aware:

  • The gray of the back is slightly lighter
  • The writing is a lot sharper
  • The above marking “C2”
  • Not affected by this problem (Yay!)
  • No bright spots so far
  • You’ll need a recent version of FPOS/FPOOS/Lineage/Ubuntu/TWRP. Otherwise it will only show a blue screen. (Unfortunately, I don’t know the exact minimal version for each OS)

I also had a problem with the new display (unresponsive, flickering, …), but I was able to fix that and will create a separate thread about this tomorrow.


Seems, that only the old ones have the production date printed on the back (on the top).
Another difference: The component visible in the left corner on the bottom is L-shaped on the old display and rectangular on the new one. And the one in the right corner is shaped rectangualar as well, while on the old display it was square.
Great to have a pic of them side by side.

Thank you for all the informations @retsifp :slight_smile:

Thnx for sharing! You missed a few other differences;

  • the shape of the metal part in the lower left corner.
  • the shape of the metal part in the lower right corner
  • the number between the two blue slides: Nr.'s starting with A1 are old displays, A4 are new displays.

From the terminal (needs root apparently) - one of many ways: cat /proc/cmdline and look at the mdss_mdp.panel= parameter. otm1902b_1080p_cmd is the old panel (and I don’t know what the new one says there ;))


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It says 1:dsi:0:qcom,mdss_dsi_s6d6fa1_1080p_video for the new one.

Also, at least on LineageOS and perhaps on all OSes, the new one appears a little too green:

Compensated with the green slider to 92% it’s better (but objectively still slightly too much)

Afterwards I set it to 90% and it feels very natural again (but didn’t check the colour values from a photo this time). Furthermore: it’s not clear from the pictures, but in real life the black of the new screen really is a lot more black than on the old screen. With the green slider set to compensate, I like the new screen a lot more than the old one.


I noticed another difference. On the screen side of the new display module there is a round spot (like “o”) in the bottom left. Did anyone notice this as well?

Its almost 1 cm above the “F” of the “FAIRPHONE” and at the very bottom of the visible area of the display.

Any idea what purpose this might have?

Edit: apparently it’s an air bubble. There are some more at the right corner and when I press, there come more bubbles as well.
Seems like they have sent me a replacement display that has some cosmetic flaws itself…

Sounds like you did not remove the protection foil :wink: .


There is a protection foil? :smiley: nice, didn’t notice that :smiley:
I guess there is no problem in leaving it on, right?

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It could mess with your proximity sensor, microphone or selfie camera. But as long as you don’t run into such issues you can leave it. It will probably fall off at one point anyway.


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Necro-bumping this to post my findings with a sample size of 5:

How to differentiate the two display module versions:

  • The metal shapes at the bottom of the display - as visible in picture from first post
  • Or via software:
    • run dmesg in adb shell
    • at the top there’s Kernel command line: contains otm1902b (= old module) or s6d6fa1 (= new module)
    • (the same information can be found in /proc/cmdline)

What isn’t differentiating - for my samples:

  • Serial number (A3 + A4 are new; A3 is old)
  • TM-C2 marking on all displays (old & new)