How to reach Fairphone? No response from support

The phone I got about 6 weeks ago. I want to return it and contacted the Fairphone support. However no response at all.
Does anybody know how to expedite this? How to reach anybody at Fairphone! I want my money back and get rid of this stupid broken phone. Am tired of waiting for weeks.

Short answer: For urgent matters call them (details at the bottom of any support page)
Long answer:

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Can you tell us what’s broken? Just wondering, maybe it’s a known problem.


I’ve called them, but no one answer the phone. And no answer to my support request since July 5th. It’s a bad service!

My Fairphone can’t be charged. I already tried three different chargers. All three of them meet the amperage requirements.

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Did you try different cables too? Many cables are either not fully compatible (they need to be 4 threaded data cables) or low quality and therefore are not fit to charge Fairphone’s battery - especially if it’s deep-discharged.
You should try to find a good quality data cable and then try the battery reset in the #batteryguide. If that doesn’t help then your USB port might be broken.

May be a silly question, but did you try on a week day that’s not a holiday? (yesterday was Assumption of Mary)

In the Netherlands we have less catholic holidays compare to Germany. So the day of the Assumption of Mary is just a working day in the Netherlands.


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