How to re-install Your Apps Widget

Because of a stupidity I put the Edge Swipe Menu in the dustbin :frowning:
How can I re-install it?

You might want to reinstall the FP launcher… you should be able to do that by reinstalling the latest FP update, or by downloading the FP Launcher APK file from the latest update zip file.

For a starter for 10, I’d suggest doing the update again via the FP Updater app

I can’t find the FP Updater app…
I only get apps for Formula 1 :frowning:

It’s preinstalled on your phone so go to your apps e.g. by going to settings > apps > all.

I found ‘all apps’, but i don’t see information about re-installing the Edge Swipe Menu.
I have only 3 panels, while before i had 4, of which one was 'the Edge".

To be honest I don’t think you removed the edge swipe menu. It’s not an app that can simply be uninstalled.

I think you are right, but how do i find it again…

Can you post screenshots, so we can help you better?

(To make a screenshot, press volume-down and power simultaneously.)

I agree that screenshots may be useful in this case. Could it be that you’ve recently installed a different launcher app?
Also, you mention:

The edge swipe menu would be present on the edge of each panel. Are you sure you don’t mean the ‘Last Used / Most Used’ widget?


In the mean time I found ‘all apps’ and moved some of them to the first 2 panels.
But as I said before I had 4 panels at the start, of which the first was Last used / Most used app.
That panel I still couldn’t restore.

Go to your homescreen, tap the settings button of your phone, tap “widgets”, flip through the pages until you find the widget and long pess it. Release it on a new page.

That widget has gone.
If I swipe to the left on the last panel I get a few of the apps I had before on the Edge Swipe menu, but I have to be very fast to press one of them, because it disappears very quickly.

Maybe these illustrated step-by-step instructions in the Fairphone support section help.

Edit: I see that they make you access all apps by using the very widget which you are trying to reinstall. That means that you obviously can’t go to the right screen and press the menu icon. Instead you have to use the “edge swipe” (aka “Quick Access”):

  1. Hold your thumb on the white rim around the screen.
  2. Slowly move it onto the screen until the screen darkens and five icons appear. The following picture exemplifies the motion.

Now a menu similar to this is visible:

Select the center icon with the six dots. Now you are in your “All Apps” menu and can continue with the instructions from above.

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