How to put everything back on my new phone?


I just recieved a new FP2 after sending the previous one back that kept on crashing.
I just wonder how I can get all my old info (apps, contacts…) on this new phone.
I made several back ups and I told it would go directly after my google login but I don’t find my old settings back.
Any tips?

That depends
How did you create the backups?
TWRP? Titanium? Helium?
With the later two you need to first install the according software again so you can play in your apps and data.

If you just used the Android default backup tool (in settings-backup and rest), have a look at this

If you just synced your contacts with your Google account, you need to create the Google account again on your phone, and make sure that you have activated syncing in your account settings (settings-accounts). [also see link above for how to activate synchronization]

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Hi Gerald,

Thanks for the link, that was the one I was looking for.
I just went back to the factory settings ans now he did ask to restore everything.
Don’t know what I did wrong the first time.
But seems to work now.
So problem solved!

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