How to play files from Sound Recorder

I have just got my phone and I recorded a large file using the Sound Recorded app that came with the phone. However, it saved as a .tmp file and I don’t what to play the file with. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

.tmp? That’s odd, because it saves a recording as .amr file on my FairPhone. I can play it with the Music app that comes with the phone.

you are right - it is .amr. It is described as TMP File in the ‘Type’ description when saved in Windows Explorer. What music app came with your phone? Did you have to link it to the file on your phone, or did it do this automatically?

Nah, I tapped the “save” button in the sound recorder app and then used the File Manager app to go to the “recordings” folder (it’s either on your phone or on your sd card, depending on your default save location) and then in the folder I tapped the saved recording’s file and it suggested apps to open the file with, one of them being the default Android music player (simply called “Music” in the app launcher tray)

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Ah - when I do that it simply says the file is not supported. Thanks anyway