How to pay FP3 phone

I would buy a FF3
I’m wondering if is it possible to pay in installments

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Fairphone’s own online-shop doesn’t offer paying in installments.

I guess you are in Italy? Then it seems Vodafone would be the only way to achieve some payment plan in installments.

Hi @Renato_Pontefice :slight_smile:
I moved your post to #market:buy so people who are selling their FP3 can find it more easily.

Could you speciy what you mean by “pay in installments”?
Edit: Apparently, I don’t know english well enough; Urs explained it to me.

Dato che immagino che tu sia italiano, potresti usare il traduttore di per tradurre i post in inglese in italiano e viceversa.
(Non parlo italiano, ho tradotto anche questo tramite deepl)

Ehh… Maybe I’m just uneducated, but @urs_lesse what does this installment-thing mean? :see_no_evil:

Ratenzahlung :slight_smile:

Noch mehr Buchstaben.


I don’t know, if you got a credit-card.

But some credit card companies offer the possibility to make the payment in installments for certain purchases.

PayPal has recently started to offer paying in installments, too.

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