How to open/close the cover easily

Hello !

Just bought the fp2. I like the concept “designed to open” but … is really hard to open and close for me. Last time i struggled 15 min to close it completely.
Now, my nails are painful.

Do you have any tips which might help ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Put the bottom in first, fix the corners and then put the top in.

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[quote=“paulakreuzer, post:2, topic:19038, full:true”]
Put the bottom in first, fix the corners and then put the top in.
[/quote] Thanks for such a fast reply !
Well it’s more easy like that.

Actually i just followed the fp2 printed notice which says that i have to put the top in first.

Thanks again, problem solved !

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I just wanted to check my guide to see if it’s the same in german and english, but I can’t find it atm.
Would be interesting to know if it’s a translation mistake or if they have a reason for recommending it this way.

A plastic card also works quite well. Put one card corner beneath the cover and then slide towards the cover’s corners.


It’s the same in the other languages. Maybe something to do with the buttons?

(User guides are here)

That has to with the rubber rim around the camera hole. If you put the cover with the bottom first in, that rim sonetimes sits not correctly, is stuck between camera module and cover and makes a little bulge into the cover.


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