How to nandroid-backup with 19.11.2 and backup solutions in general

Hello everybody,

does anyone have an idea how to perform a nandoid-backup with 19.11.2 since TWRP got replaced? Or a suggestion how to make a complete backup of the phone without google apps? Also without any propritary software - I don’t have the google play store and also want to avoid any windows-based solutions. But there is Linux and there must be something.
Any ideas?

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Install TWRP again and continue to use it …

… or just boot TWRP when you need it without installing it, see #twrpwoflashing for that.

Be aware that TWRP doesn’t do a complete backup, but that’s also covered in the guide linked to above. For more information see here …


AnotherElk, thank you for your answer, I missed to thank you since. The installation of TWRP works flawlessly.

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