How to move FP2 gallery pics into other folders

Can anyone tell me how I can move pictures out of the ‘Camera’ section and into other folders I have made in the Gallery please?

Which Camera-App do you use? I use a fork of OpenCamera, and can change the folder in the settings.

Saying under which OS your phone runs would help I believe.

In any case here’s a guide that should work under any OS:

  1. Open the file manager of the phone (an app called “Documents” or “Files” or “File manager” or similar).
  2. Open the Folder DCIM/Camera
  3. Select the photos you want to move (long press on an image and then short press to select the others)
  4. Open the three dots menu in the top-right corner and choose the option “Move to”

Is this what you were asking for?


In case you are using the app Gallery, you should have access to the folder Camera there as well. From there, follow steps 3 and 4 as suggested by @Alex.A .


Thanks for your suggestions, but sadly and oddly there is no ‘Move To’ option within any of the 3 dots anywhere in Gallery.
When I go to Settings for Gallery, I merely see a small Gallery icon which is you can’t do anything with!
Can I download a different Gallery (sorry if stupid question!) which might work better?

Have you tried with the file manager? The app should be called “Downloads”.

Also, asking again:

I got mine from F-Droid. The full name is Simple Gallery Pro. It’s one of the Simple Tools.


Brilliant, thank you - I will try it out.

Done it now, it’s fab, thanks very much. All now sorted.


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