How to move data from internal storage to SD-card?

Hello Fairphoners,

I have Fairphone 1, and can’t seem to be able to move data from the internal storage to the SD-card. How do I make that happen? Or is it even possible with the old version? My phone is 5 years old, and still working well on the whole.

Thanks for any tips!


So you are saying that you have your phone since 2012? :thinking: I have a first edition FP1 since 2014… :wink:

Do you have a #dic:unifiedpartition already?

Yes, I guess that I must have had it since 2012 - since that year the family and I were in the States and thats coming 5 years this summer :open_mouth:
What is #dic:unifiedpartition?

In 2012 no Fairphones existed. :wink:

dic:unifiedpartition is a link to a dictionary entry. Please click it and find out more about the storage layout of the FP1.

Hahaha! Well so much for my memory! Okay, thank you, I’ll check that out!


Have you found a solution ? Can you move data from internal storage to the micro SD card now ?

I’m interested in the answer because i have the same problem with my Fairphone 1…

Did you read Stefan’s link?

Hello dear Lucie,

Yes I got the link, but I never got around to figuring out how to operate the system. I’ve now bought a new phone, because my Fairphone is really lagging in some many different areas and it’s beginning to cause some problems.

Then please offer the remaining parts in the #market:offered category.

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