How to move contacts from Nokia 5230 to Fairphone using a Linuxadapt (like Ubuntu OS)

Answer from Benjamin:

When you export all contacts from your Nokia, they will be saved to individual files, which makes it hard to import all of them. This is how I would solve this:

  • Put the MicroSD back into your Nokia
  • Start the Nokia and in the Contacts app, select all contacts (options - mark all)
  • Export them to the SD card (options copy business card or something -> to SD)
  • Put the SD card back into your Fairphone
  • Connect the Fairphone to your Linux PC, see the Video here: how to add media
  • Open a Terminal / Console on your Linux and Navigate to your SD card, then to the folder containing the contacts. This should be a folder called “Others”
  • In this Folder, issue the following command which should copy the contact details from the individual files to a single file: cat *.vcf > all.vcf
  • Disconnect your Fairphone, don’t forget to safely eject/unmount.
  • Open the People app, choose Menu -> Import/Export
  • Choose the file all.vcf from SD card Good luck!


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