How to manage SIM Card contacts separately

I use dual SIM Card function. However, I wouldn’t want to mix up the contacts that are on the cards.
Is there a way to keep to contact databases and choose which one to use? It doesn’t help me to have my US contacts in Germany or the other way around. I’d only need to see the contacts from the corresponding country when I’m there.

I guess you might need a special app for that task.
Unfortunately I have no recommendation.
Search this forum and app-stores for “dual sim” and you should come up with some more information.

One option would be to keep the contacts in two different address books or accounts (e.g. when synching them with your own Nextcloud server) and switch the account to be displayed on and off as required in the contacts app.

If you are on LineageOS you could also use groups to distinguish your contacts.

However none of these solutions will switch automatically based on the active SIM, so you might consider those more as workarounds.


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