How to log/debug

@YtvwlD was so nice to start the wiki and here it is:

This thread will be the meta discussion for that wiki.


Well, I don’t want to mess the wiki post so I share some ideas in this post:

  1. you can get system logs using adb on you pc if you want to be able to do proper searches;
  2. on your device instead there are a number of apps which can provide logs, like aLogCat ROOT, NetworkLog or (I prefer this one) OS Monitor;
  3. if you need to provide logs to debug an app it would be better if developers provide a debug mode or the capability to collect a crash log or something similar to ease their investigation but this is app-dependent :smile:

This is only a draft, but just to let you know some more :wink:



Ok so I installed aLogCat Root and it keeps putting out green, orange and red text.
I don’t understand much of what’s going on there, but what I do believe I get is:

  • orange text is a warning
  • red text is an error
  • if I wanted to log something, like a bluetooth bug I’d have to ask the person who will analyze the log what preferences I have to make (e.g. show only errors; set the format to brief, long, raw, …)
  • and I’d probably have to either close as much background processes as possible or use a filter. (can I just use “bluetooth”?)

Am I right so far?

well, I suppose taking system logs during an issue should be enough given that proper information is logged. I’ll do some try to get logs for the bluetooth issue but to be honest I don’t use it so much so I hope to be lucky and catch some information :slight_smile:
I don’t suggest you to activate any filter because until you know exactly what string(s) to look for you could also filter out useful data.
Bye! :slight_smile:

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MTK Engineer mode (google it) offers more in depth Bluetooth logs(the default bluetooth snoop does not work).

I have not had a chance to look into the Bluetooth issue or look at the logs yet(but I can reproduce the problem on my car). I expect that just looking at logcat and possibly the kernel logs should give us enough of a clue.


Thank you @keesj, my “problem” is I was not able to reproduce the bug with my headset, but I already see lots of debug messages during BT use, so if someone who suffers this anomaly could point me at the scenario when the problem occurs I would be happy to help him/her :slight_smile:
Thank you :smile:

I just wanted to link to one explanation and I just found this one. :frowning:

Should I try writing an explanation here and someone of the @moderators could move it to the right category? (It’s not specific to the FP1.)

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I think it’s probably best to create a new #wiki in #software or #software:dev. We can then use this thread (moved to the same category) as the meta discussion to the wiki.

Oh and thanks for writing it! :smiley:

I’ve started: ✏ How to gather logs.

It’ll probably take a bit before it’s really usable. :slight_smile: