How To Keep Your Bottom Module Alive?

Hi guys! I’ve had a FP2 now for 2+ years and it’s been a joy to keep it going. The most trying problem, however, has been the Bottom Module. This module has frequently given me headaches by refusing to work as a microphone and, more recently, not recognising USB cables when charging.

After the one I got with the initial purchase konked out, I bought a second one, which then had the same problems after a couple of months. I’ve since had to write to FP helpdesk twice to get it replaced under warranty for the same problem.

Has anyone else had the same problems? How did you resolve them? And what can I do to keep my latest replacement module working?

Did you check / clean all the contacts that connect the bottom module to the main board ? I had problems with radio connectivity (not related to the bottom module) caused by gunk on some of the internal contacts. If you want to clean the contacts I do recommend a lint-free tissue with isopropylic alcohol. You can get them as “alcohol wipes” at the pharmacy. Do not use wipes that contain perfume or moisturizer. These substances create problems rather than solving them.
And you do all this at your own risk and you loose any warranty (not a problem on a 2+ years old phone).

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