How to hide apps?

Is there a way to hide apps on ones fairphone without changing the OS or using a paid for launcher?

What do you mean hide them? if you don’t want to use them you can disable them and they won’t show via the Launcher > App drawer
For some you will require adb access to remove, like Youtube

For adb access see the following, although it’s detail is for a raspberry Pi computer you can download adb for Windows|Mac etc.

adb|ADB is short for Android Debug Bridge.

If you want to use adb you will have to enable Developer options > USB debugging

Developer Options are a set of settings that can be accessed via:

Settings > About Phone > tap build number 7 times
Settings > System > (Advanced) > Developer Options > ON
Enable USB debugging > ON

You can disable YouTube app, I’ve just done it.

Long tap it and choose “i” for “info” then “disable”.

The only app I found that needs adb for disabling is the file browser.


Whereas you are correct in that you can disable Youtube and it then will not show in the app drawer I had to use adb to remove from the app collection under Settings > Apps and notifications > SEE ALL ## APS

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