How to handle FP2 after display replacement?

Similar to quite a few people on the Forum I had experienced a broken display (not sensitive to input at all on certain areas/stripes of the display) after two months of using my FP2. Luckily Fairphone replaced the display by a new one and all is working properly again.
However, now (subconsciously) I do not use/handle the phone as I did in the first two months until the screen broke. I now deal with it as if it was a fragile egg or similar and I have stopped carrying around the FP2 in the pockets of my trousers, in order to avoid any bending …
I wonder if anyone who had their display replaced some months ago could shed some light on whether they the problem with the broken touchscreen reappears after some time of normal usage or not?

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Yes, I experience also a broken display mid of april. Because it happened only few hours after I updated to 1.2.8 including the well known screen freezing problem I felt quite a bit burned by that update. Although I don’t treat my FP not like an unboiled egg I still remained on the release 1.2.8 that came back on the returned phone. I feel quite reserved to update now to 1.3.6 as if I was bitten by update 1.2.8. I explained myself my reserve the last days in another article to a person who just returned his instable phone to FP service team. The reason comes from the fact that I had partly broken display for almost 3 months from the first day after delivery in january. I reported the problem immediatly on the first day and I didnot get answer from the service team for almost 3 weeks. I believed that I solved the problem until it suddenly reapeared in april immediately after the software update. As far as I understand the FP team only exchanged the display unit and I still don’t trust completely in the same returned device. I guess I will make up my mind sooner or later to update to the next release … or to Open OS.

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