How to give permissions to open the camera from a locked phone?

Hi all,

When pressing the power button twice, the camera apps opens. However, when the phone is locked, I get a screen that says that “permissions are needed” (for camera, microphone and storage). Obviously, it is not the camera app that needs these permissions, but some process that interprets the power button. Does somebody know which app needs to have these permissions?

best, Michel

The permissions screen should tell you which app needs permissions, like: “App needs permission to access: camera, etc.” Which app is named here?

Unfortunately there was no app name. The message was in Dutch and said something like “To open the camera, you need to give permissions for Camera”. However, the problem is solved since I installed a port of GCam camera and have selected to open that one when twice pressing the bower button.

Thanks, Michel


Was it not possible to press allow/deny on this screen?

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