How to get notifications of all profiles whatever profile one is connected with?


I cannot find topics relatec to profiles management.
I use my FP2 for Business and personnal usage with two sims. In order to manage contacts separately, I created two profiles (Pro / Perso) however, I cannot manage to share the files (images / music) from one profile to another (especially to setup ringtones, backgrounds, sharing to contacts). However I need to be connected with one profile to get the notification of this profile and I am not able to see the notification of the other profile.
Is there any possibility to enable this ?

Thank you for your help!

The idea of multiple user profiles is making it possible to share a device with other people without them being able to access each others personal data. That includes notifications. So for your use case separate profiles might not be the best choice.
One way of keeping your contacts separate is simply adding your company Exchange account. When adding a new contact you can choose which account to save it to.

The thing is my business mail / contacts are on google pro. Thus it is not an exchange server.

Being on different profiles also then allow to have two dedicated widget showing both gmails whereas on one profile, the widget cannot be configured two widgets one for each mailbox (same for the application - it cannot show two shortcut one for business and the other one to personal one).

I might have to back then to one unique profile if there is no other option.

A wild guess, perhaps a solution is to use two widgets, one called E-mail and the second Gmail.

I also think that in your case, it would be better to return to a unique profile and to try to manage both accounts on one profile.

Or maybe even two different e-mail clients. So you would get different LED colours, different sounds, different notification icons.

Maybe using to different apps could also be done with messaging etc.