How to get LOS15

Hey guys :slight_smile:
Is there any way to get LOS 15.1 from somewhere? It’s not listed on and the GitHub FP2 repo doesn’t have any releases.

I don’t want to upgrade to LOS16 until Android 9 has proper XPosed support, but I have a bug which I think can be solved by reinstalling. (namely any file manager app crashes instantly since I put the sd card from my camera into the phone once)

I only kept the last 15.1 install file for LineageOS for microG.
(I guess you just learned to do the same for regular LineageOS in the future.) still has the filenames (but the files aren’t hosted anymore) and the sha1/sha256 for them, and an internet search for the filename turns up this here …

I downloaded the file to check the sha1/sha256, and they match the lineageoslog data.

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I did that too, but I think a couple of days ago I looked at the folder and thought “old files I don’t need anymore, just delete them” and once they are in the trash…

But thanks for the download link, I’ll keep it safe now :slight_smile:

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