How to get LOS15

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Hey guys :slight_smile:
Is there any way to get LOS 15.1 from somewhere? It’s not listed on download.lineageos.org/FP2 and the GitHub FP2 repo doesn’t have any releases.

I don’t want to upgrade to LOS16 until Android 9 has proper XPosed support, but I have a bug which I think can be solved by reinstalling. (namely any file manager app crashes instantly since I put the sd card from my camera into the phone once)

I only kept the last 15.1 install file for LineageOS for microG.
(I guess you just learned to do the same for regular LineageOS in the future.)

https://www.lineageoslog.com/15.1/FP2 still has the filenames (but the files aren’t hosted anymore) and the sha1/sha256 for them, and an internet search for the filename turns up this here … https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=1395089523397965436.

I downloaded the file to check the sha1/sha256, and they match the lineageoslog data.

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I did that too, but I think a couple of days ago I looked at the folder and thought “old files I don’t need anymore, just delete them” and once they are in the trash…

But thanks for the download link, I’ll keep it safe now :slight_smile: