How to get in contact with Fairphone support (Display broken on delivery)


I am trying to reach the support from Fairphone. Since the first request 13 days ago, I got not reaction from the support.
I’ve got a replacement display for the FP2, that seems to be broken on delivery.
Contacting FP by putting in a support request (200867) lead to nothing. Another request (202833) three days ago also returned nothing.

Call them – phone number and office hours can be found at the bottom of the page here:

Is your Fairphone OS up to date? If the display just stays black (and is not physically broken), you might need to update Fairphone OS to make the new display work. See the instructions in the text here:


Hi Urs,

I just got off the phone with fairphone and got basically the same reply.
To answer your question: no, the phone is not up to date due to the fact that I did not took the time yet to figure out how the updated version can be rooted afterwards.
According to the support worker he’ll send some more information a my mail-address and I might need to switch from Fairphone OS to the open OS version.
I could definitely see small changes in the display layout on the back of the spare part, so the explanation seems reasonable to me.

As mentioned: I am limited by keeping the OS rooted and depend on keeping that functionality available. I will therefore need to look into the issue, try to either update the current version and root it afterwards or switch over to the open os, import the missing packages and see if that works.


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You may also be interested in the rooted boot images that @retsifp makes available for the regular (non-open) Fairphone OS. I’ve linked a post with what I recall are the latest instructions and links to the build server. The latest version, which includes the display drivers, appears to be available.


OK. thanks for all the feedback. The screen of the phone is working again. With OpenOS this time.
I first tried the automatic installation, but the checksum check failed (due to the rooted image I was using), what was not very suprising. Not at all.
So I resolved to the manual procedure via fastboot and flashed the phone that way.
After flashing and rebooting, the phone started as usual.
After switching the broken screen with the new one, the new one worked as expected.
The first suggestion of the support-technician of fairphone worked.
Though this was mentioned on the article page in the shop, I did not draw any connection to my outdated phone.
Thanks for the help.


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