How to get back the 'Phone' and 'Contact list' apps

Hi, a friend of mine removed my entire contact list plus the phone applications. How can I get it back? Cannot call anybody right now nor see my call history. Please advice. Thank you for any help!!


At worst you could reinstall the system, but this shouldn’t be necessary.

Are you sure the app is removed, and not just the shortcut?

At first, please ask your friend what he or she exactly did. With this information it will be a lot easier for us to help.
Completely removing these applications requires superuser rights. Please consider protecting superuser access with a passcode, especially if you hand your phone to others! This can be done in the settings.
Perhaps the applications were only deactivated. If this is the case, they can be reactivated through the list of all installed applications (also in the settings).

Hi Zoid, unfortunatelly it’s not even showing in my appllcation list :confused: so, it’s not just a removed short cut…shall I reboot it now?

First, try to search for the “Phone” and “People” apps on the app store.

That’s what I’d try first but I don’t know much about Smartphone, so maybe there’s a simpler way.

“Reinstalling” your phone is a big thing, you’d lose everything.

I’d wait for some more enlightnend advice… :confused:

Just to clarify, did he delete your contact list, as in all your contacts, or your actual contacts app?
Cause I don’t see a way of getting your contacts back if you haven’t done a backup.

Again, just to clarify: you did go to Settings/Apps/All and couldn’t find the apps “Contacts” and “Phone” listed there?

Now, first of all I’d heed @haffenloher’s advice, if you could tell us what your friend did it would help us to help you in the best way.
Second, if he removed system apps from your phone, are you sure it was only these two? If he tampered with your system in root access without knowing what he was doing I’d consider a hard reset just to be sure. Read how it’s done here: How to perform a Hard Reset on my Fairphone.
Lastly, I don’t know how to get the stock apps back, again knowing what was done would certainly help. However you could try if alternative apps from the Play Store work for you, on a quick search I found this: ExDialer - Dialer & Contacts.

Edit: I did find the phone & contacts stock apps for ICS (Android 4.0), for a HTC phone apparently. I don’t know if they’ll work on a Fairphone running 4.2.2.

Thanks guys!

Unfortunately, my friend hasn’t any clue what he was doing and hence, cannot tell which buttons etc. he pushed.

If I go to Settings/Apps/All, I can see the apps “Contact storage (2.78 MB)” and “Phone (116 KB)” as well as ‘Phone/ Messaging storage (1.61 MB)’ listed there - but once I open them, the functions/ buttons of ‘Disable’, ‘Move to Phone storage’, ‘Clear cache’, ‘Clear defaults’ and ‘Launch’ seems to be deactivated and are in a greyish color. I cannot push them.

I don’t have many systems apps, and the remaining ones seem all to work fine (Messages, Skype, Whatsapp, etc). Therefore, yes I think just these two applications are effected.

Okay, I think I just encountered a bug in the (otherwise great) forum software. Will have to type my reply again.

Seems like the “Contacts” application is disabled. I just tried disabling it myself - this puts the app’s entry all the way to the bottom of the list in Settings > Apps > All. Please check if you can find it there.
“Contacts” provides both the “Phone” and the “People” UI, so after re-enabling it, you should be fine again!


Yeeeeah! Thank you haffenloher, you’re my hero :slight_smile:
All fine now.

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