How to get 50MP front camera pictures

According to the specs, the FP5 has a 50MP front camera sensor, but uses pixel binning so it’s reduced to 12.5MP.
Does anybody know, how I could deactivate pixel binning and make use of the full 50MP?

Did you set it to full/high resolution? If not, that should do the trick.

Stock cam-hamburger menu- bottom left

Where did you find this menu option after choosing the front-cam? On my FP5 this is not possible…have you a beta-firmware or something else?

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As I said above…

And when Front cam means Selfie cam it indeed does not exist, i overread the word front in the initial post most likely, because I would never dare to take a 50MP picture of myself…


It seems so arbitrary to not let the selfie cam take 50mp selfies. Would I use it regularly? Absolutely not. But if they advertise it, why not let us play with it?

It seems weird to have a 50 Mp selfie cam in the first place. Is that even the case?

sure why not? Pixel Binning isnt anything unnormal

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Yeah its still a nice to have. Since fairphone doesnt have that software magic voodoo that the Pixel phones have, just throwing more megapixels at it does brute force more quality out of it.

The specs mention 25 MP. Do you mean that the hardware is actually 50?

I do know that the front facing camera (the main one) is 48 MP, or at least that’s what we have available through the settings.

Not sure what you read where

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Yeah, I must have come across a bad source.

On this page it says 50MP (12.5MP pixel binning)