How to fix primary microphone in FP2?

I’ll look into this, thanks. I don’t have soldering experience but I know someone who does.

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Please see


I have a problem with my microphone too: people can hear me, but very faintly - other times, its seems ok. I do not have the confidence to do what you did but will look at the contacts as my brother may be able to fix it. Thanks for the photos and explanation as this really helps me to understand what the problem could be!
I wonder if this is why my selfie camera no longer works as it is on the same module?

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The Selfie camera is in a different module, the top module. The mic is in the bottom module. What exactly happens, i.e. what does not work reg. Selfies?


Thanks for that - when I took it apart I convinced myself they were on the same module!
What happens is that on opening the camera, there is no toggle anymore to switch between selfie and normal camera.

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Which app are you using and on which system in which version is your FP2 running? There is a known bug for Selfie camera with current Android 9 Version and the new Top Module, you can try to install the App Open Camera and see if it works.


I, too, have had recurring problems with my microphone. My FP2 is only 2.5 years old, and I bought a new bottom module after 1 year, due to problems with the microphone. Now it is broken again. I am losing faith in Fairphone!


Same problem my Fairphone2 is only 2 years old and i have already change the Bottom module twice. Now its broken again and spare parts are unavailable. I am losing faith in Fairphone!

Hi @Nicolas_Melliet ~ welcome to the forum

Not good to have this of this problem let alone repeated.

There is this topic of new bottom modules being offered

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Hi Nicolas,

Thanks for replying.

After making a major complaint to Fairphone, they sent me, free, a reconditioned bottom module to try. I had already replaced the module once, so am trying this replacement. Fingers crossed!

If it is a common problem with these modules, Fairphone ought to own up, and replace them for everyone!

I hope you get yours fixed. Two years is not long enough for a Fairphone to last! I thought it would last a lifetime, with a few repairs.


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Hi Jude,

Thanks for your message.
I have tried to complain a lot by mail, but they don’t want to send me a module.
I completely agree : 2 years is not better than my previous phones.

Hi Nico,

I am so sorry. It’s hard when we try so hard to do the right thing, buy from more ethical sources etc, and are disappointed when they don’t always live up to expectations. I am going to stick with Fairphone at the moment, as I hope they are learning from our bad experiences, and will hopefully do better in the future.

Best wishes,


Well a) so it’s not under warranty? the two years have passed b) they don’t have any bottom modules which is why there is so much demand see:-

There is a problem for buyers of FP2 or FP3 later in the cycle as parts will be used up and it looks like they can’t even repair as a consequence.

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I have ordered a Fairphone2 on the 29/12/2018.
I was hoping a lot from this company and was always a big support to promote Fairphone around me, despite minors problems of performance ; but today i am giving up.

  • The bottom module broke twice, so i changed it during the warranty

  • The third time it happened, i had to send it to be repared but you lost it during the shipping, so you send a brand new phone.

  • The new one has exactly the same problem and the bottom module failed, but now that it’s not under warranty (despite this one is less than 1 year old), you cant send me a new bottom module, and WORSE you have stopped providing bottom modules!! ? WHAT ?? In the beginning you said “new modules will be compatible with old phone so you can upgrade it”. Have you forgotten?

  • So it has been several weeks that i cant make phone call (pretty lame for a phone) whitout using a “hand-free kit”. I was considering repairing the bottom module myself as some users do, but today the straw that breaks the camel’s back : The screen is flickering. (I’ve obviously tried to remove, clean, restart it, and trow it again the wall at the end ; so don’t bother trying to answer me with FAQs or user forums links)

  • I can’t make the bluetooth work with a EVolve 30M by electrovoice. And despites hundreds of messages, mails, phone call with both the technical supports of fairphone and electrovoice, i have had no real answer to this problem.

So I was hoping 10 years of use for this eco friendly, modular phone, or at least 5 years, but finally after 2,5 years (wich is less than the average of my previous non ecofriendly phones) and a lot of problems, I am losing hope in fair phone and go back to classical cheaper phone.


Yes the 2 years is on the initial purchase

Well as they don’t have any left then

That doesn’t mean between different models as the modules change shape as well as specs. The idea is more like the new camera modules etc for the FP3 I wouldn’t expect the FP4 to have any of the same modules.

If Fairtrade is not the prime mover then yes don’t go with Fairphone again as the price you pay is more than the Euros/Pounds/Dollars

Have you considered buy a module from @Leo_TheCrafter using the link I provided, assuming the rest of the phone is workable.

I have this uncanny idea that Leo’s bottom modules may be better than the originals ~ will have to wait and see.

Buy the way for any UK readers there is a six year legal right to have products repaired, irrespective off any vendor or manufacturers warranty, though of course that doesn’t mean for free.

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Gosh, Nico, that is an appalling story. And not good for Fairphones’ reputation.
I can only wish you better luck with your next phone!
Best wishes,

I feel you, I just had my final straw with my fair"phone", it can no longer receive phone calls. I’m having to tell people to ring my land line. It literally doesn’t function as a phone!
Less than 2.5 years of patchy use, the shortest lifetime I’ve ever had out of a phone. Avoid at all costs!

Hopefully during those 2.5 years of patchy use you contacted Fairphone to get it fixed. Did they respond if you did?

Yes I’ve been in contact and they’ve fixed each problem in the end. I have absolutely no qualms with the support staff, but the product itself.

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