How to face security Issues on Android 4.2

A week i go i shared this great guide from StackExchange on how to disable System Apps via Adb (Android Debug Bridge).
With this method you can easily disable the build in browser. You need a PC with Linux, Mac or Windows and with Android Debug Bridge installed (on Ubuntu simply run sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb) and set allow developer remote access to your fairphone (Settings -> Developer Settings).

Open a Terminal (Hit Super (Ubuntu) or CMD+Space (Mac), then type Terminal on Ubuntu) (or Cmd Prompt on Windows).

  1. Open the ADB shell by typing adb shell (You are now working on the device)
  2. Gain super user rights with su.
  3. Use the build in package manager to disable the browser: pm disable
  4. Leave the ADB shell with: exit

Use your Fairphone and see that Browser has magically disappeared from your Apps. And the best think is: If you ever need it again, you can replace “disable” in step 3 with “enable” and the browser is back!

If been using my Fairphone without the Android Browser since week with no problems at all.