How to do storage update to move apps to SD card and backup before?

Hey all,

my questions are a bit complex since i tried to fix my problem for myself, but after getting in touch with the support and several help pages i need to ask here for further instructions (since i also want to fix this on a second FP, too).

I stumbled accross the problem of insufficient space when installing and updating some apps. So i tried to use the App2SD tool from Android Assistant. I found out there is no button for move to SD beside this one for move to internal cache or move to phone cache.

Then the support gave me the tip to make the storage upgrade for Cherry 1.6 which has been explained here. But to do this it is been said, that i have to make a backup, because all data will be erased. Now i am no friend of backups in clouds like i could do it with Google. I prefer manual backups but if possible with free or open source apps/tools. On the other hand i dont want to go through my entire app list and make every single backup per app as long as it is not necessary.

The problem i have is that i have no clue what is the best way to backup my data like mentioned here Does $method save my contact list, my note files, my birthday app data, my messages, my settings of apps etc.? Esp. this is a problem since i don’t know what kind of data exist on the 2nd phone and i don’t want to go through all apps to find out about it. I also didn’t really find out which backup method should be used since someone told me Android doesn’t really have a smart way to make a backup. Is it even possible like making an image backup file and roll it out on a former splitted internal cache? I am quite inexperienced with Android and Smartphone stuff.

So let me get to my main question again.

How can i make the storage update and therefor backup all data and preferences the best on my and another person’s FP?

Greetings and thanks in advance for any suggestion

I do my backups using TitaniumBackup (Pro), and did so also before I applied the “Unified partition” update. I however strongly recommend to read some threads on the forum, especially this one.

tl;dr: restore one by one; don’t restore everything, especially not Google apps, and be careful with the system apps.


Mhm, quite disappointing. What would happen if i don’t do the storage update but update to 1.8? The storage update won’t be included with the 1.8 update i guess. Will it be possible to do the storage update even after the update?