How to disable gboard multilanguage suggestions

Hi all

I have 2 dictionaries installed. English and Dutch. Since the upgrade to Gboard and the multilanguage suggestions I get more English suggestions then Dutch suggestions even when I selected the Dutch keyboard. That’s annoying me and want to switch manually like before.
I have been looking online how to disable it and found it. They say systemsettings - language and input - Gboard - text correction - under corrections switch off multilangual suggestions.
However iI don’t see multilingual suggestions anywhere.

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Anyone from faiphonr can help? Try to find google help but they sent me to the manufacturer.

For support by Fairphone, see #contactsupport. (Also note that the mods are not Fairphone staff).

Personally, I’ve never had an ‘upgrade’ to Gboard offered. I’ve just tried to install it manually from the playstore, which kind of works. It does, however, crash every time I try to open any of its settings menus - so I can’t be of more help here.

Just in case this helps anyone:
As the default settings are more limited in functionality than the version shipped with the phone and there’s no way to configure it for me (short of installing it as a system app, which might get it to behave), I’ve rolled back to the original keyboard via Settings > Apps > All Apps > Gboard > Uninstall updates.

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