How to delete multiple phone entries at once?

Hi all,

I am new to Fairphone and smartphone in general, and do like it a lot! Just a question, is there a way to delete mutliple users from my phone directory? Because om my 2 simcards (that were in use before) I’ve got double and even triple entries. The only thing I found is to tap the ‘phone’ app > then settings key > choose people > and then I can delete entries one by one. Which will be a lot of work.

Any ideas? Thanks!

For deleting a contact you don’t use the app ‘telephone’. You must use the app ‘People’.
Open the app, then tap the button far left down on your phone.
Now you get the options, the first option is ‘delete a contact’. Tap on 'delete …'
Mark the contacts you want to delete. Finally tap on the ‘ok’ in the right upper corner.

If you want ALL the contacts to delete, then don’t mark contacts, but tap on “0 select” now you get the option to delete all contacts. Tap on this option and then “ok”.

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Oh great! I have been looking forever, hadn’t even noticed there was such thing as a ‘people’ app.
Thank you!!!