How to delete Apps totally from FP2

Hi there,
can anybody tell me how I can delete Apps from the FP2. I do not mean deactivate it is really that I want to have them erased.
Thanks in advance


User-installed apps can be deleted, but system apps can only be deactivated on default Android installations. If you have a rooted system, there are ways to remove system apps (though occasionally this has unintended consequences). If you mainly want to get rid of Google stuff, check out Fairphone Open OS, which comes without Google apps and with root. OpenGapps can be used to add in the Google services that you still want/need for other apps to work.


Thanks for the answer and Ok, I was not really aware about the Fairphone OS, as the FP" belongs to my wife and we are still discover the functions. But I think I will change to OS. In this case, will all the Google stuff deleted automatically? And do you recommend to install a firewall or is there one on the FP2?

Switching OS will remove all data on the phone. Make sure to backup anything that you want to keep (photos, documents, contacts, text messages, …). Google apps will be gone after the switch.

There’s more background on Fairphone open OS here. Expanded installation instructions can be found in this forum topic. When you’re up and running, there’s a community-written first steps wiki and information on how to install apps.

As for firewall recommendations, AFwall+ (F-droid) is popular on rooted devices.
I’m not an expert on FP Open OS, but there’s an entire subsection on the forum (#software:fp-open) where you can find contributions by people with more knowledge than me.


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