How to delete all Google related apps from Fairphone 2

I am trying to delete all my Google-related apps from my phone. Will this affect the functionality of the phone?

How do I know if Google is truly scrubbed from my phone?

Please help.

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To make it short: If you truly want to get rid of all Google-related apps from your FP2, you need to switch to a different operating system. Here’s an overview of all available operating systems for the FP1, the FP2 and the FP3:

/e/OS for the FP2 is currently on Android 9, LineageOS for the FP2 is on Android 10. Both will look at least somewhat familiar to you if you come from Fairphone OS.

Ubuntu Touch and SailfishOS which are both more radically different from Fairphone OS are based on lower Android versions, if I remember it right.


Afaik they’re both based on “real” Linux (and not on Android).

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