How to deal with webview bug?

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I think this has to be discussed in a own topic. Is is possible for fairphone to fix this dangerous bug? Because a fairphone update to Android 4.4 or 5.0 isn’t realistic and google will not support older versions, something must be done!

Is it possible to deactivate or deinstall webview?



this is a serious problem.

I don’t think that you can deinstall Webview without damaging your System, it is to integral for Android.

But you can reduce the risk. I think the biggest danger is a some sort of “dive by attack”. I mean you are just surfing at some site witch is using the bugs to attack your phone.

So first step to reduce this risk is “don’t use the default Browser” (that one with the blue globe icon). Download FireFox, Opera or some other Browser and use that.

The second step should be (just possible because you have a rooted Phone) to disallow the default Browser to access the Internet. You can use AFWall+ (easy way) or the XPrivacy Module (more complex) to do this.

Step 3 can be to disallow apps you won’t trust to use the “show in browser” function. You can do this by XPrivacy, too. This Function is in most cases used to show Adds or the “What is new…” and “Help” texts of an app.

Maybe other users can suggest more ways to manage that this module wont be used (often) on your phone but I think these are some effective first steps.



Step 1 and 2 should be standard on every Android phone.
But how can I see, which apps are using this so called “show in browser” function in fact?

I have installed only AFWall+ but not XPrivacy. Maybe I should give that a try too but i would prefer that Fairphone solves the problem with the next update.


I use both AFWall+ And XPrivacy (XPrivacy manages more than just internet acces but AFWall+ allwos to to differ WiFi, mobile traffic, VPNs, etc.). If you have installed and configured XPrivacy you get asked every first time an app tries to do something.
First time an app tries to access your contacts you will be asked to allow or deny it, first time it tryes to access the Internet you will be asked, first time something should be shown with the browser… ;).

So XPrivacy does the trick for me but it can become annoying when you start a new app and you have to answer 10 questions before you can use it.


Update to cyanogenmod :wink:

but this things still doesnt work with cm:
2nd sim card 3G switch

  • Dual SIM is a WIP and has some bugs (data connection instability, etc.)

  • camera for “movies” does not work

  • (hw) video en/decoding not enabled

  • bluetooth not available

  • FM radio not available

  • A-GPS does not work, GPS works though but slowish

  • rest of MTK specifics (what?)


You can find more here and here.

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