How to copy pictures from my mac to FP?


I can connect my FP to my mac in MTP. However, where should I copy the pictures to ? which directory ?

By the way, rather than developing unwanted features for the FPOS :wink: maybe you could help provide tools for mac and windows to easily sync music, pictures and videos from and to the FP ? By “easily” I mean that it requires a single app and a single click. I am still frustrated that a widely used tools such as DoubleTwist does not work with the FP.

Thank you for your help,

You can put your music files pretty much wherever you see fit, since all folders (unless ones excluded) get scanned for media files. My media are (relic of my old phone) located on my SD card under media/audio.
The most obvious place would of course be the “Music” folder on either phone storage or the SD card.

As jpjacobs said it you could just put them anywhere but don’t worry, there is not much you can do wrong with the folders : ) After connecting your phone you should see these folders (except for Evernote, iReader, yd_historys, yd_speech):

From there on it’s pretty straight forward. So just put your pics in the pictures folder and feel free to create folders in the pictures folder to separate your pictures.

And don’t forget that the pics you took with your camera will be in DCIM and not in pictures.
I would say that’s not far away from a one-click solution : )

Thank you for your reply.

Indeed, it works as you say.

For the one-click solution, I think that we are not there yet. Just as a comparison with iphone :

Iphone : 1 application to sync music, videos, pictures, calendars. Once you decided what to sync (last year of pictures for example) then it will do it each time you connect your phone and you click sync. It will also bring to your computer the pictures taken from the camera and make them available in iPhoto.

FairPhone: Pictures taken from the camera have to be copied back to computer manually from DCIM. Of course you have to remember which ones you already have and which ones you don’t. Then you copy the pictures from your computer to your FP. Again you have to remember which ones are already there. Then, you do the same again with Music. For iCal I don’t even know how to do. Even if you copied blindly all pictures each time, you would have to make something like 15 clicks (counting the ones to reach the subfolders, opening iphoto, etc) plus wait a long time waiting between each operation. In addition, copying a folder full of pictures from mac to android doesn’t work well, it usually stops very early.

In conclusion, syncing images, videos, music and calendars between mac and FP is very far from a 1 click operation.