How to clean the microphone?

Hello !
I have my FP2 for over 2y now and recently some of my contacts say they hear me not really good. When I switch to hearplugs (with mic), suddenly they understand me perfecly !
I think it’s time for me for a little “spring cleaning” (nettoyage de printemps :slight_smile: ) of my FP2.
Does anyone have experience with that? It is better to use cottonbubs or other?


Use Pure Ethanol or Isopropanol and gently scrubb the contact with something like cottonbubs. If that doesn’t help try cleaning the microphone hole in the case. If that doesn’t help either, try do disassemble the module by removing the 2 screws and the undoing the clips and clean the hole in the module housing and the rubber sock over the microhone with a toothpick.


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