How to claim Vodafone UK FP 3 free case offer

Hi, I’ve ordered a Fairphone 3 from Vodafone UK. They’re advertising it with a free case. When I placed my order, they told me to go to the fairphone website to claim my free case. I’ve searched through the offers on the website but couldn’t find out how to claim it. Went back to Vodafone first but the person I spoke with insisted it was an offer from Fairphone, not Vodafone and I needed to contact Fairphone to sort it out. Could anyone point me in the right direction?

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James is what you’re looking for.

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Thanks for the link (and the quick responce at this time of night). Just need the phone to arrive now :slight_smile:


As in topic, how can I claim the cover from you?
I really need it as the bumper is loose and comes off and moves when using buttons.

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This posting was moved here from a newly opened threed, so the poster did not ignore the link above. In case someone else is wondering like me.
Don’t take it against this user.

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