How to change forum ID?

I can set my “name”, but not my ID, which appears on top of all of my posts. And this ID is a telephone number for some reason, so I definitely want this to change, against spam.

There should be a little pencil behind the ID in your account preferences page*. If there’s not, it could be due to new account restrictions. In that case just let me know what you want your username to be and I’ll see if my mod privileges allow changing it.

*This is a link that redirects to the preferences page for the user currently logged in on the forum in the browser in which it is clicked.

No pen. I’d like to be called “Fabian” or “Fabian42” or “FaRo” or “Fabian_R” or something like that, please.

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@Johannes, are you sure that you can change it that easily? I remember that it needed a server admin’s involvement in this case.

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A simple rename won’t change mentions, quotes and stuff and might mess with some stats, but that’s no big deal for relatively new users.


There is a day limit up until when you can change your username (e.g. in the first X days after registration you can change it). After that it can only be changed by @moderators.

The admin magic is needed to also change mentions (@username) for very active and old forum members and is not needed in this case.

Fabian was already taken so I changed it to Fabian42. :slight_smile:


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