How to buy 2 Fairphones in a single delivery and get 2 distinct invoices

Hello, I’m going to buy 2 Fairphones, shipping them together for saving some shipping cost.
One is for me and the other is for a friend of mine, who needs it for his work (he works by himself).
He said he needs an invoice for just his Fairphone, with which he can accomplish fiscal burocracy.
Does Fairphone send an invoice when you buy it? And is it possible to have one invoice for every single phone? Thanks!

I would suggest to write to support and ask them if it is possible.
On this forum you won’t get an official answer.


Thank you Lidwien,
they told me it is not possible. There is one invoice for each order. And they can ship just one order in a shipping.
This because of the logistic system.
It’s a pity (for trasport costs and impact on the environment), but I hope it could be improved in the future.

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