How to be root with fairphone Open OS

Hello fairphone users,

I recently buy a fairphone and I want to manage my permissions. So I must be root.
In this post I see that’s is easy with fairphone OS. See:

Therefore, root access is not supported in the default software your Fairphone 2 ships with. (We are aware this decision is arguable, but we believe it is the best for the majority of users). If you would like to have root access, we advise you to move to the Fairphone Open Source OS. Once you install this build, you can easily enable root access under the developer settings.

So I install fairphone OS from here:

I’m now on fairphone OS 16.07 I think. I’m not really sure… because in parameters -> about phone, the version of android is 5.1. But yeah, version of build is …FP2…16.2

And now ? How can I enable root access ? I try with the app SuperSU but it say that I’m not root…

There is some tutorial to do that (by flashing, build, etc) but the releasing-the-fairphone-2-open-operating-system post seems to say that’s far more easy…

Thanks to help me :slight_smile:

Settings/Security … In the lower middle.

Have you enabled developer options? To do so, go to SettingsAbout phone, and tap on the Build number a few times. A pop-up will tell you that you are a developer now :wink:
Then, at the bottom of Settings you will have a new button { } Developer options. There under Root access you can select whether apps and/or adb should have root access. No extra app like SuperSU is needed.

Okay ! Thank a lot :slight_smile: @m4lvin (also @anon9505190) !

I don’t have understood the 4, long, clicks, on the “build” (I saw that in another post…). That’s not very intuitive even if I understand why.

Ooops, sorry my answer does not work. You have to create first Developer Options.

Sorry, I will probably ask something obvious but I still don’t find how to enable root access :head_bandage:

Okay, I’ve got the {} Developer options but now ? I have menus for :

  • debug (debogage)
  • input (saisie)
  • trace (tracé)
  • hardware acceleration (accélération)
  • Mutlimedia (multimédia)
  • ? (suivi) (openGL things)
  • applications (applications)

And in security, menus for:

  • Screen security (sécurité de l’écran)
  • Encryption (chiffrement)
  • Sim lock (verrouillage de la SIM)
  • Password (mot de passe)
  • Device management (gestion de l’appareil)
  • Identity storage (stockage des identifiants)
  • Advanced parameters

Nothing about root or application. And the menu for applications is not useful for that I think.
Thanks in advance !

In menus Developer Options you find on top:

  1. Take bug Report
  2. Desktop Backup Password

  3. 6 Process Stats
  4. Root Access

Open Root Access and select Apps and Adb.
Then start the App SuperSU and afterwards the app that needs root.

I swear… I don’t have it…

At top (before the debug sub menus), I’ve (with my english translation):

  • bug report (in grey)
  • Desktop Backup Password
  • Keep activate
  • Activate log HCI Bluetooth
  • Process Stats

(and the debug sub menus)…

Build number: r4275.1_FP2_gms63_1.6.2

Any idea ?

Ah, yes ! Given your famous last words it becomes clear that you have stock/ standard FP OS 1.6.2 .You actually not run FP Open OS yet! For getting Root-Access you may either do the whole procedure to replace FP OS with FP Open OS, including important Backup procedures, or you may get Root-Access described in another topic for hacking FP OS e.g with adb tool.

Okay, now it’s clear. Thanks :slight_smile:

But for now I want to keep my android stuff.
The ideal for me is a Fairphone OS based on android 6… Hope that coming soon

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As @anon9505190 stated, you can easily root your FPOS with GMS by following the steps in this thread. You won’t loose any data. :wink:

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