How to be able to install and use any app on FP Open OS [meta discussion]

Hi Paul !

I tried the SafetyNet Helper but same result as you : CTS profile match: false. However, when I launch Pokémon Go the game is running with MicroG, so in my understanding this game is only checking the SN validation and not the CTS profile…

In the systemless Xposed Installer I have one active module : FakeGapps 1.1, this module is required for signature spoofing.

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What do you think of downloading APKs from the net ?

What is the trustability level of the sources you are citing ?

I believe it is very dangerous unless you trust the source. I read here What do you think of that they could be trusted because they are signed by the author, but is that really enforced when installing from APK file instead of store ? How do you know if it’s signed, and verify the signature ?

Tbh I don’t know much about this.
I rarely download apps from anywhere else than F-Droid and if I do I first look at apkmirror, simply because people who’s opinions I value say it’s trustworthy. If I can’t find it there I use evozi, because as far as I can tell it simply fetches the apks from the play store.

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I followed the instructions above with the latest version of magisk (v7) and phh-superuser. Microg states everything is fine with signature spoofing and so on (all boxes are checked) … The issue is SafetyNet Helper. This tool prints the following error message:

SafetyNet request: fail

Error Msg:
Google Play services connection failed

Does anyone have any ideas about this issues?

Here is the full guide (at level 5). You may have to do a hard reset or reinstall the OS if you previously tried other things to bypass SafetyNet.

  • Did you do everything according to this guide?
  • Did all the checks (marked with the :ballot_box_with_check:) of the previous steps work?
  • Did you disable root with magisk before you tried SafetyNet Helper?
  • Dumb Question: Did you make sure you have internet connection?
  • Also: SafetyNet Helper is just for diagnostics. Did you try whatever app you wanted to work - I’m guessing Poemon Go?

The first what I did is to flash the latest FP2 image. Then I started with the guide, beginning with deleting /system/xbin/su (I could not find /system/bin/su). After runing through the guide, all microG boxes are checked.
With the latest Magisk Manager I can’t find a way to disable root. I can just start phh SuperUser and disable root there.

I’m afraid you’ll have to start again. Deleting /system/bin/su is essential and has to be done before deleting /system/xbin/su and before flashing phh’s superuser.
Hiding Root from SafetyNet will only work with magisk.

Why not the shipped Amaze app?

Amaze is not able to mount /xbin as read/write


Ok, when I wipe really everything, then my backup and OS installer is gone afterwards. How can I put this back to the device?

Also, pls read this:

It is not possible anymore to hide root with the latest version of magisk!

Hello ! The combination I described above was working for me till yesterday, but now it is not working anymore. Apparently it is due to an update of safetynet that now detects systemless exposed, according to what I read here.

There is a new combination of SuperSU v2.78 SR1 + SuHide v0.53 + Magisk v7 + Xposed 86.6 that apparently works, I’m trying it right now and will keep you informed :slight_smile:

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Ok, I didn’t get far away with this one… :frowning:
After a FP OS upgrade to 16.09 (to clean older version of magisk, superuser and xposed systemless) and removing system/bin/su and xbin/su, I installed SuperSU v2.78-SR1 from TWRP. Then I want to install SUHide .53 and it is not allowing it, saying that “do you have SuperSU v2.78 SR1 or newer installed in systemless mode?”. Indeed SuperSU installed itself in system mode, I don’t understand how to go systemless with that zip…

EDIT : it seems that the SuperSU installer choose himself between the system (Lollipop) or systemless (for Android 6.0) install.

EDIT2 : According to this link, the way to force the systemless install is to type in terminal (TWRP) echo “SYSTEMLESS=true” > /data/.supersu . I didn’t try it myself yet.

Another thing to investigate could be to go with Needle instead of Xposed, anyone have experience with it?

(there’s a workaround inside)

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Instead of Needle, I’ve successfully installed its fork Tingle by @ale5000 . At the beginning adb didn’t see my device, then I remembered that I had to allow USB debugging and desactivate USB multimedia share. The Tingle installation is very easy and straightforward.
Now MicroG self-check OK, without Xposed :slight_smile: .

However, SaftetyNet Helper still returns “Response payload validation failed”. Perhaps I’ll need to uninstall magisk and un-root ? It’ll be for the next episode :wink:


So, did Tingle work flawlessly? Great! I will report back that upstream, :smiley:


Thank you! Why I do not find /system/bin/su on my phone? On a clean install there is just /system/xbin/su.

Hi @uwedd ! I don’t know why you don’t have /system/bin/su , from my experience any update of FP OS is adding them in both bin and xbin. Anyway the one in /bin is just a symbolic link to the one in /xbin, thus this should not be an issue.

@Roboe : yes, Tingle work flawlessly :slight_smile: ! I removed Magisk and root access (by deleting the two “su”) and now I’m able to play Pokemon Go again, with just MicroG and Tingle :slight_smile: . SafetyNet Helper says “Response validation: success, CTS profile match:false”.

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Cool. Could you update the wiki or - if you don’t have the time - just post the relevant links so I can update it? Thanks

I’m the author of Tingle and I want to support all versions of Alien Dalvik.
It would be nice if the ones that use it could report (on xda, github page or where you want):

  • If it is working or NOT.
  • If it is FP1, FP2 phone or other.
  • If the Android version you have is 4.2, 4.4, 5.1 or other (I’m particularly interested on version 4.2 if someone have it).
  • What Android version it detect.
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