How to avoid ICE Contact displayed

A bit of a cosmetic question: the number for ICE is the number of my girlfriend. Now every time she phones me or sends me a text message, the number is displayed as ICE in stead of her name. How can I avoid this, because this number is not used in emergencies only (mostly not).

Not sure whether there is way to solve that, but do realise that having an ICE in your address book is pointless if:

  • you normally lock your phone
  • the phone is encrypted
  • the phone is damaged during the emergency

In these cases why not set as information on the lockscreen instead? Any text you put in via ‘Settings > Security > Owner Info’ is displayed on the lockscreen if ‘Show owner info on lock screen’ (same menu place) is ticked. This at least deals with the first point above.
For the latter two (encryption is problematic if the phone is off) add a sticker with the number to for example the back of the phone (make sure it’s waterproof).

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See, this phone can do more than I know. Thanks for the advice!

I have both my email address and my girlfriend’s phone number displayed on the lockscreen of my phone. That way, someone can contact me or my girlfriend without unlocking the phone if there’s an emergency or if I’ve simply lost my phone.

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